Turtlebody Image Preview

A Image Preview library for Android for selecting


Indicator decorator is an indicator that can be used in ViewPager2 and RecyclerView.

Beauty Compass

Beauty compass is a simple demo application of compass running on Android devices.


Printooth aim is to provide a simple abstraction for use the Bluetooth printers regardless of its brand.


Pentecost gives you a quick customizable PaymentView to use with PayStack. Simply show and hide as needed.


This is a custom library for android that can justify your textView...

Simple Analog Clock

A simple clock view. The clock drawables can be changed with your own custom assets.


An easy way to implement modern permission instructions popup. Needs can be fully customized and showing with animations.


This library allows launching a crash activity when the app crashes, instead of showing the hated "Unfortunately, X has stopped" dialog.


MessageView helps you to create chat message view or a social media post view quickly like a typical chatting application .