Friday, June 25, 2021

This is an all-in-one script to build the Android adb tool (v. 1.0.31) for ARM architecture. When executed, the script will download all the necessary files and it will run a custom makefile to build the adb.

Android SDK sucks. It's so slow to build and run which waste me a lot of time every day.

Providing simple web API and view for Android Debug Bridge (adb). Free your imagination, use it as the way you want

Dumpey is a simple Python script that helps you pull any installed APK stop and clear data of any package do a memory dump create a series of snapshots run the monkey stress test and extract memory dumps before and/or after it install and uninstall multiple packages list installed packages

A small utility to record Android device screen to an optimized GIF so you can paste it to GitHub or a similar service.

ADB client implemented in pure Java. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a client-server architecture used to communicate with Android devices (install APKs, debug apps, etc). The Android SDK Tools are available for the major platforms (Mac, Windows & Linux) and include the adb command line tool which implements the ADB protocol.

ADB Date changer is a small utility app for Android developers that allows to change quickly change date & time on the device.

A simple tool that makes it more convenient to install, uninstall and creating bug reports and more for multiple apps on multiple devices with one command. Additionally uninstalling allows to use wildcards as package name. This is basically a front-end for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which is required to run.

Fastest Adb Keyboard Tool for control android device via PC keyboard

A wrapper for the Android adb tool. It's just adb on steroids.
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Analytics framework for Android