If you want to use these transitions with fragments, take a look at PrismView library! The library was created in order to provide new animations for activities on Android. Using the ViewDragHelper class, it is possible to create smooth animations that allow full control of the view by the user.


AppIntro is an Android Library that helps you make a cool intro for your app, like the ones in Google apps.


A library to easily show open source (GitHub) project contributors


This library allows one to automatically complete sequences based on a second lifecycle stream. This capability is useful in Android, where incomplete subscriptions can cause memory leaks.

Android Sliding Activity

Easily create activities that can slide vertically on the screen and fit well into the Material Design age.


Show your apps key features in a cool way.


Show a beautiful Intro to your users with ease.

Pull Back Layout

Pull down to finish an Activity.

Send Email Animation

This is a small attempt to attract users when they are using in app feature to send out an email. The usage of this repo serves the purpose like contacting the support desk, inviting another user over email or any other form of email based features.


SimpleUI is an Android library which helps you creating the activity UI more easier.
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Tiny library for tracking screens and events with google analytics and / or firebase analytics.



Dream Catcher