Friday, June 25, 2021

Material design animated Bluetooth state view for Android .

Snap Chat like home screen with MotionLayout

This library is created to simplify usage of the RecyclerView with multiple ViewHolders.

An Android library that makes it easy to authenticate your app users with Instagram.

An easy way to use SafetyNet reCAPTCHA with RxJava2

Permissionmanager is a small wrapper for handling permission requests.

A Image Preview library for Android for selecting

Indicator decorator is an indicator that can be used in ViewPager2 and RecyclerView.

Beauty compass is a simple demo application of compass running on Android devices.

Printooth aim is to provide a simple abstraction for use the Bluetooth printers regardless of its brand.
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You have a small team. Setting up crash reporting tools, event tracking tools, and log management services is not what you want to spend your hours doing. You know these are important to the health of your application, but you just want to code.