Android Styling: Common Theme Attributes

  • ?attr/shapeAppearanceSmallComponent used for Buttons, Chips, Text Fields etc. Defaults to rounded 4dp corners.
  • ?attr/shapeAppearanceMediumComponent used for Cards, Dialogs, Date Pickers etc. Defaults to rounded 4dp corners.
  • ?attr/shapeAppearanceLargeComponent used for Bottom Sheets etc. Defaults to rounded 0dp corners (i.e. square!)

This might seem super specific, but Material defines three types of buttons: Contained, Text and Outlined. MDC offers theme attrs that you can use to set the style of a MaterialButton:

  • ?attr/materialButtonStyle defaults to contained (or just omit the style).
  • ?attr/borderlessButtonStyle for a text style button.
  • ?attr/materialButtonOutlinedStyle for outlined style.
  • ?android:attr/primaryContentAlpha The alpha applied to the foreground elements.
  • ?android:attr/secondaryContentAlpha The alpha applied to secondary elements.

prefer non-platform attributes which can be used on all API levels

Material Design Components:

Two screens listing conference sessions

They’re largely similar but the left screen must leave space for the sticky time headers while the right screen does not. We implemented this by abstracting where to align items behind a theme attribute so that we can vary them by theme and use the same layout across two different screens:

1. Define the theme attribute in attrs.xml

2. Provide different values in different themes:

3. Use the theme attr in the single layout used on both screens (each using one of the above themes):

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